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Online Sales Growth Through
eMails & Other Direct Response Marketing.

For the right fit, ​I’ll craft your emails, SMS, automations, strategies...
You just hit the send button & profit! 
Increase your sales in our agreed %.  GUARANTEED.

❋ Increase Sales
❋ Save Time & Frustrations

❋ Grow Brand Engagement
❋ Leave No Money On The Table

❋ Sequences Architecture & Strategy
❋ Have Your "Pixel Salesmen" Standby 


How It Works

a. Tell me your campaigns’ needs, targets, KPIs, specs etc
b. I’ll write your irresistible sales emails
c. You just send & collect

If you are not happy with my work, or the sales are not that great, then 
We Work Until We Make It or Refund.

Why this?

I'm passionate on growing my business as much as yours TOO.

So I'm willing to put my money where my word is.

If I don't deliver my promises, it's not your problem. 

Simple as that.



Development is always in progress.

HYG my portfolio.

This portfolio includes copy samples, case studies, and more.

Also, HYG my workbook which I’m updating regularly.

This file contains my SOPs, cheat sheets, freebies, and more...

As I'm on a continuous exploring and learning journey, I'm happy to illustrate more work or wins at any time.

You can also check my testimonials file, LinkedIn, or Upwork.

Why Me

Why Me?

After a series of successful jobs and colorful experiences, I realized that there are endless

possibilities and ways to learn, grow, win, and prosper in my way and style.

✯ I've worked in relevant & critical channels to Marketing, such as Customer Service, Research, and Sales.

My BSc in Mathematics helped me grow and improve my creative skills too—so far created 3 books and filmed 2 of my movie scripts.
✯ Before pursuing my Copywrite & Marketing business, I worked in Data Analysis & Market Research for a global corporation. My main focus was in MENAP, so I'm experienced in challenging markets and always looking at the bigger picture.

✯ I enjoy making the most out of my every day. From meditating, diving, boxing, motorbikes, writing (big surprise, eh?), traveling, and others. Why I'm saying all that? 

Quoting one of the greatest copywriters, Joseph J. Sugarman: 
"Copywriting is a mental process the successful execution of which reflects the sum total of all your experiences, your specific knowledge and your ability to mentally process that information and transfer it onto a sheet of paper for the purpose of selling a product or service."

Don’t be a stranger. Come say “YAH-soo (aka the Greek Hi)

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George Longovitis — email Copywrite & Marketing

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